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SAVE IGCSE is by a group of friends who excelled in their board exams, achieving A*s in a wide variety of subjects. Having done so, we realised that we had become experts in IGCSE and that having finished it all, our expertise would go to waste. That's why we came up with the idea of SAVE IGCSE: a way of sharing the expertise we wish we had had access to when we were treading the IGCSE path ourselves, so that the knowledge is not lost but actually benefits as many people as possible.
With SAVE IGCSE, we simply intend to help you. We hope you find our resources helpful.
NOTE: although many of the resources here are for CIE IGCSE, some of them (like the literature analysis) can be used for any board.

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Guide to doing science past papers!!

After a long hiatus, we bring you this post on our strategy to doing science past papers. The method of calculating your weighted score...

English Literature analysis checklist

When you guys are analysing your poems in Literature, this checklist is a great way to make sure that you've covered everything. Do check...

English Literature AVFTB help

Hello again! Use this site and check the mark schemes in order to find notes on A View from the Bridge (this is basically the more recent...

Extended Maths formulas

Hey guys! Rather than going through each chapter to try and search for formulas in that thick textbook, you can instead use this great...

List of Econs diagrams

IMPORTANT NOTE: this list might not apply to you guys who take the exam in 2020 and after because there's a syllabus change, will...

Bio + Chem blog (and ZNotes ad!)

Hi all! Today, we present you with two great blogs (well technically it's one blog by the same author but anyway ...) that provide...

Links that could help with History

These links can be very helpful in attempting paper 1 and 4.

Biology help

These are revision notes for half of the chapters in IGCSE Biology to make life with those horrendously large bio textbooks way easier....

Physics notes

Some physics notes for the first two sections (general physics and thermal physics) to help you guys

How to ace IGCSE Chemistry

Voila! Use these links to help you ace that pesky IGCSE Chemistry exam! Le Chatelier's principle -

How to ace History paper 4 repost

The history link used before was not working so instead use this link here

Additional Maths formula booklet!

Hello friends! It's undoubtedly tough and time consuming to study each and every aspect of the Additional Maths textbook searching for...

How to ace History Paper 4

Hey everyone! Today, I present you with two documents that should be a massive boost in your IGCSE History paper 4. The first link gives...

General advice for IGCSE

This is a very very important post!! We decided to take a break from from uploading materials and decided to upload a whole tonne of...

Massive History, Lit, Lang upload!

We have finally found the time to update the History, Literature, and Language sections. Please bear in mind that the Literature and...

History depth study - textbooks

Hey all! So if you're doing IGCSE History and are doing the Depth Study on Nazi Germany, here are a few e-books (in pdf format) that...

O-level Tamil advice!

The advice here probably applies to other second languages like Tamil, such as Bengali, Swahili and Nepali. You can find a list of them...

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